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Radiators & Cooling System

When the cooling system in your car and the radiator need maintenance, repair or any kind of minor or major service, Haig Park Service Centre is your one-stop shop.

We can help you with all kinds of repair and maintenance services for the radiator and the cooling system in your car. An efficient and functional cooling system ensures that your car engine does not heat up too much by circulating coolant in the engine. It also prevents overheating of the engine and its components ensuring it lasts longer.

Always keep an eye on your dashboard to check for signs that show that your vehicle is getting hotter than its normal range. If you notice any warning signals, that’s the time you need the help of trained mechanics like us to inspect your cooling system, Call Us Now on 6242 8245 to book an appointment or Click Here.

What is the cooling system?

In simple terms, a vehicles’ cooling system consists of components that manage and maintain the engine’s temperature, regardless of factors such as ambient temperature and operating conditions like road speed.

Major deviations on either side of an engines ideal operating temperature can cause serious engine damage.        

In modern vehicles many manufacturers have adopted engine technologies that rely heavily on the engine temperature to reduce emissions, so it is now possible to find engines in late-model vehicles that run 20 or more degrees hotter that what is considered normal in older engines.

Regardless of what you drive, it is critical that your cooling system is in premium condition to help protect your car from expensive breakdowns.


Some of the signs that there are problems with your cooling system include:

  • Car overheats (see engine temperature gauge).

  • Puddle of (greenish or brownish) cooling fluid under the car.

Why Haig Park Service Centre for your radiator flush?

At our service centre and workshop in Mitchell, you are treated professionally with our trained team of technicians who will carefully flush the radiator of your vehicle that clean away any debris and dust from the channels. Once the cooling system is thoroughly cleaned, we add the new coolant in and bring back the cooling system to its 100 per cent efficiency..


An efficient radiator flush can:

  • decrease chances of blown head gaskets.

  • boost your car’s power and performance.

  • prevent corrosion in the engine parts.


Our Cooling system service incorporates

  • Inspection of all fans

  • Pressure test of radiator and cap

  • Operation of thermostat

  • Visual inspection of all hoses

  • Visual Inspection of all belts

  • Visual inspection on operation of all components

  • Complete flush of the cooling system

  • Replacement of coolant


Car Overheating - Radiator & Cooling System Service Mitchell Canberra ACT

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Raidator and Cooling System Repairs Service Mitchell Canberra

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A car’s basic cooling system is made up of the radiator, radiator hoses water pump, heater core, thermostat and a cooling fan. Each has a different function:

Radiator:  An important part of a car’s cooling system, the radiator passes hot coolant through its metal fins – cooling it off in the process before pumping it back into the engine block.

Radiator Hoses and Housings: Used to transfer coolant throughout the engine, hoses require regular checks – and the occasional replacement- to avoid them becoming brittle and cracked.

Water Pump: The water pump circulates the coolant through the system. The pump is usually driven by either a drive belt or sometimes by the engine’s timing belt. The water pump requires regular inspection for signs of corrosion, bearing operation and seal leaks.

Thermostat: Controlling the circulation rate of the coolant in your car, the thermostat helps to ensure your engine maintains a constant operating temperature. A faulty or failing thermostat can lead to costly problems such as increased engine wear, poor fuel economy or even an overheated engine.


Cooling Fan: The Electric Cooling Fan is controlled by the thermostat, or the engine’s computer, and automatically kicks into gear to help the thermostat and coolant maintain a consistent engine temperature.

Know your cooling system components

Contact us on 6242 8245 today to discuss our full range of radiator and cooling system services.

Some of the many cooling system services we offer include:

  • Radiator Repairs

  • Radiator and Cooling System Service

  • Radiator Flush (Coolant Flush)

  • Radiator Replacement

  • Cooling system checks

  • Cooling system hose replacement

  • Waterpumps

  • Thermo fan and thermostat replacement

  • Over flow bottle and radiator cap replacement

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