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Exhaust & Muffler Repairs

What does an exhaust do?

Exhaust systems for cars have several functions: to reduce engine noise, reduce pollution, improve performance, fuel economy and direct poisonous gases away from the car and the people inside.


Exhaust system components

Key components of your exhaust system include the manifold, catalytic convertor, mufflers and pipes. All exhaust parts must be in good condition to ensure your vehicle runs and operates safely and effectively. Most exhaust systems today use bolt-on bolt-off components so repairs can now be performed safely and quickly


What does a catalytic converter do?

Since 1986, car manufacturers have been required by law to fit all new passenger vehicles with catalytic converters. A catalytic converter transforms harmful exhaust gases into elements which are environmentally friendly


Did you know your car Exhaust system needs regular checks?

Common exhaust system issues and warning signs include:

•             Exhaust rattles or drags on the road

•             Noisy exhaust.

•             Exhaust smell.


Vehicles can create dangerous gases during the combustion of fuel. It is very important to have your exhaust system repaired when leaks or potential problems are found.

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